Great Day – Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch – Lawnmower Towing Hitch

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Great Day – Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch – Lawnmower Towing Hitch
Great Day – Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch – Lawnmower Towing Hitch


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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Great Day – Lawn Pro Hi-Hitch – Lawnmower Towing Hitch


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was looking for a decent hitch for a special purpose and this fit the bill! I recently purchased a pop up camper that weights roughly 1250lbs. I have a pass through gate to my back yard on my fairly narrow property (10ft entrance). I was having a difficult time maneuvering the camper through this tight spot with my crew cab truck and avoiding a utility phone box and a massive sago palm. I figured my best bet was to pickup an affordable riding mower and mount a hitch on it to make it easier to maneuver. Man did this work out great! I mounted this hitch on my Craftsman DGT 6000 for the towing duties. The provided aluminium three point mounting arms (four included, two different lengths) weren’t quiet strong enough for all the weight of the camper so I added a third steel arm to make it a four point mount. (Note: the provided three point mounting arms would probably be sufficient for most mowers. My rear plate is sloped forward more than most mowers I’ve seen so they weren’t long enough.) With the minor modification this hitch handled 1250lbs like a pro. I recommend upgrading the fasteners to 3/8″ hardware and adding the additional brace if carrying heavy loads. You will also need to pickup your own 3/4″ shank balls.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you own a riding lawn mower AND a trailer, you need this. I had an issue with moving my 5โ€™x 8โ€™ trailer to/from my back yard through a chain link fence gate. The gate was just wide enough for my trailer that I haul with my mini-van. I was constantly worried that Iโ€™d accidently hit the fence when backing the trailer through the gate. I had long considered buying a tow dolly; the type that has two wheels and a long handle. However most in my price range had issues with the axle flexing and breaking. While the dolly might have helped me move the trailer, the fact that my yard has a slope to it, the dolly would still require some effort on my part. Thus, the Great Day LawnPro Hi-Hitch solved all of my problems. (1) I can easily move the trailer through the gate. (2) I donโ€™t have to strain my back pulling or pushing the trailer around my yard with a tow dolly. (3) I can easily maneuver the trailer around (turning and up/down sloped terrain.I installed my Great Day LawnPro Hi-Hitch on my John Deere S240. The S240 is very similar to the โ€œDโ€ series lawn mowers sold at Loweโ€™s and Home Depot. So, it will fit either. If you do not use a bagger, the Hi-Hitch will simply bolt right in to place using the โ€œshortโ€ support arms into the slots on the back of the mower. However, I use a bagger with my mower, which takes up the right side slots that the hitch would need to use. Thus, I had to modify the LawnPro Hi-Hitch. (see pictures). I used the โ€œshortโ€ support arm on the left side of the hitch. For the right side, I used the โ€œlongโ€ support arm. To use the โ€œlongโ€ support arm, I had to drill a new hole in the hitch and on the side of mower. To get to the site where the hole needed to be drilled on the mower, I had to remove the right rear wheel. (see photos). Sounds like a lot of work, but it really wasnโ€™t. From start to finish, I did it in less than 1 ยฝ hours (time includes reading instruction, removing tire, drilling and installation). Drilling both holes was really not a big deal. I used a good drill bit and my cordless drill. I simply LOOSELY installed the bottom of the hitch to the mower. Then I LOOSELY installed the โ€œshortโ€ support arm. I held in place the โ€œlongโ€ support arm and marked where I needed to drill the two holes. I disassembled the hitch and put it in a vice to give it support while I drilled the hole. The hitch is made of soft aluminum so it drills very easy. I then drilled the hole in the rear (side) of the mower. I reassembled all the parts. I tightened the large bolt and nut on the bottom of the hitch. Then the โ€œsmallโ€ support arm. Lastly, I tightened the โ€œlargeโ€ support arm. When you hold the โ€œlargeโ€ support arm in place, it looks like it does not fit flush. However, when you tighten it down, it will bend perfectly in place. I hope the pictures helps. Best decision Iโ€™ve made all year.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Installation in 20 minutes with the universal support as well. Good piece and we will see how it holds up to the weight of a trailer. Top of ball is at 15.75 inches with the new hardware being 7 inches and my rear plate in the lawn mower is at 8.75 inches.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Is really well made. Heavy steel and good welds. Has great shiny finish and quality hardware. Is fine for ball hitch but tab for small garden trailer hitch ends out too high for trailer to sit even close to level. Ends out about 5″ higher than original hitch/tab and in most cases you are covering factory tab so it is no longer useable. Remember does NOT come with ball. If you plan to work ball hard the reenforcing kit they offer is a good move.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very well built and does what it’s supposed to do. My only recommendation would be to keep the open hitch hole on the bottom plate of the bracket so it’s at a better height for most lawn carts and trailers. The bar height on this was perfect for my large trailer.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Installation was easy in my case. I did have a bagger attachment and had to remove a couple brackets in order in mount the support brackets. I put all the bolts on loose and when I started tightening them, the brackets and receiver came together nicely. Only issue I had was tightening the lock nut on the main hitch assembly and had to use a utility knife to shave off some of the plastic. The extra support arms made the difference and I think the mower frame may have bent without them. I have a 1700lb boat and was able to pull the boat out with ease and reverse it in the garage over the 1+ inch threshold. I don’t know if I would use this with say a 3500lb boat but I think it can handle a 2000lb rig on a level hard surface just fine.

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